Are we motivated to the point of sacrifice?

To start something you want to do can be hard. I’ll share an example that has been difficult for me.
Some of you may have been asked to donate money to a cause that is near and dear to you. I know I have. If you’re like me, there is also the budget to consider. You want to give because it’s important, but you also know you have bills to pay. Consider this though, what if the organization didn’t want you to give just one time, but monthly. Welcome to my scenario. You look at the pictures of those in need, you trust the organization to use the money ethically, and know it will make a difference in a child’s life. You also consider that you have debt that needs to be paid, and if you fall behind you’ll feel it.
Dilemma right? Yours might be that your kid wants to go to a summer camp, but you can’t afford it. Maybe it’s the new business you and your friends are talking about all the time of getting off the ground. Whenever we think about them, we somehow turn it into an impossibility. There isn’t enough money, time, etc…or as I like to call it, blah blah blah.
Now let’s refocus the thought process. I know I want to give, but I’m worried about my budget. Is there something I can do so that the money for charity is available every month, and my bills get paid? I would tell you that in my case there is, it’s called giving up something I don’t really need. In my case it could be a coffee or lunch I buy. I could make the coffee, take it with me in one of the bazillion coffee mugs I have, and refill it at work. As for lunch, I could take the leftovers or make a lunch. The key is, how bad do I want to help the charity out – right? In your case it may mean giving up time for the golf outing and picking up a second job, just until the camp can be paid for. Maybe you need to sit and talk with a bank or your financial planner.
Those who choose to dig deeper into cases in which harmony has gone awry, find more often than not, that they are at peace with how they resolve the issue at hand. It’s those who just say, I can’t afford it, I don’t have time, I’m not ever going to be as successful as they are – that won’t find peace.
Are you willing to look honestly at what hurdles are preventing you from doing what you want? Is it giving to charity or tithing? Is it going for a promotion or starting your own business? What are you willing to sacrifice for something that is so important to you? Worse case scenario is that you find out that there isn’t anything more that can be done, but at least you can so your tried.


Not motivated? Laugh it off, and get started.

Research has time and time again shown that you will engage and motivate others with the use of humor. Ask any college student that sat through a semester of Boredom 101 to know the truth in that.

If you plan to be productive, lead, motivate, just be a good human being, you’ll need to have a regular dose of laughter. How you do that is up to you. How many times a week do you talk about the drama in the news, how bad work was, how much things cost? What if someone sat down with you though, and told you a joke, how they’re trip went, and how the things that matter most to them were things you can’t buy. Oh no, you might smile and enjoy it!!

Even the silly jokes can make you smile. Won’t start though unless you make the effort.

Ok, ok, I’ll start. What did the snail say while sitting on the turtles back?

Wheeeee!! (Thanks Casidhe)


The teen asked the the teacher, “Define Legacy for me please.” The teacher looked at the young man, and asked him these questions.

“When you grow up will you care for your mother as she has cared for your grandfather?”

He nodded without hesitation.

“Will you try and be as good as your grandfather and parents have been?”

“Of course,” replied the young man.

“Have you learned to be respectful, honest, how to stand up for what is right, and defend your family and friends?”

“Of course…but how is that defining Legacy?”, as now the whole class looked on.

“Who taught you to be the way you are today? Most of you are the way you are because of someone’s influence on you. If someone influenced you, this is their legacy passed on to you.”

When you look at those you influence, what kind of Legacy are you leaving?

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