If you’re gonna do something, GO BIG!

If you just feel the need to do something, go for it. If you feel you want to do something for someone else, just because, Go Big! So let me just preface this with, “just thinking about it don’t cut it.

Maybe you send flowers to grandma, maybe you give $20 to the guy collecting bottles in town, maybe you buy your co-worker a cup of coffee on your way in, maybe buy your granddaughter a princess outfit and tell her if she hits Daddy hard enough he’ll start to grow a unicorn horn. If you’re going to do something nice, make it memorable for them and you. Don’t ask for or expect anything in return. Just go make a difference.

Everyone serves a purpose

You come into the office with an amazing idea. Some get excited with you, and others, not so much. Here’s the best way to handle this. Consider a bridge over water. The water is affected by the weather, and the bridge is not. Both serve a purpose, just as everyone does in your office.

Enjoy the team members who are excited with you,and know those less enthusiastic will still play a part in making it happen.

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Overcoming barriers

Barriers and hurtles are not there to have you give up. When you encounter the wall that seems so hard to overcome and slows you down from meeting your goal, take these three steps.

1. Stop. Consider how to deal with it. Don’t react. Think about options. Giving up is not an option.

2. Remember who you are and that you are bigger than any obstacle in your way.

3. Make a plan, write it down, and continue towards your goal.

Within this process comes wisdom and inner strength. Never let the hurdles in life become a reason to give up. Use them to grow and be a better you.

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