Quit complaining and stay focused

When I played high school football, I had a coach tell me to block him. He was a big man, and I was a freshman, but I had on my pads and understood when the coach said, Come at me!”, you put in 110%. When I ran at him, he turned ready to block me, but he didn’t. At the last minute he stood up and kicked me right between the legs. Thank you God that I had all my gear on that day.

I could have just walked away from the sport that day, but that is boy how I was raised and was not the intent of the coach. It was about overcoming and persevering. “When the day is over, I may lose a battle but not the war.”

It would have been easy to quit or complain, and trust me, I’m sure I wanted too. That’s not how we move forward though. When we’re knocked down, here are the three things to do:

1. Focus on what you just learned. Trust me, I never went on the practice field without all my gear. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

2. Who else is there to support me during trials? We all have moments when we just want to vent. You don’t need someone to tell you to give up. You need someone to tell you they hear you, now get your ass up and get back to it.

3. Focus on the end goal. Nuff said.

There is no time like now for you to go for what you want. Go get it!!

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