Leadership is strength and humility

If you cannot be humble enough when attempting to show care and when you accept responsibility, you will never be strong enough to lead through tough times. You will just be the loud and arrogant one.

To serve

To best become a team and to build great relationships, you need to be willing to look and listen for clues. These clues are moments when we say or do something that tells another we are frustrated, upset, or even happy.

Take the time to learn those personal cues. If you truly want to become a better team or friend, you need to know these and to respond in a humble and kind way.

What confidence is not

When we speak to others about ideas and respond to their plans, we should never come across as arrogant or “know-it-alls”. It often happens without intending to do so.

When we do speak, keep these pieces in mind:

1. Speak confidently, and not with an arrogant tone. No one will listen if spoken down to.

2. Emphasize positives. If someone did something well – acknowledge it. If something didn’t go well, share how you would like to see the outcome improved – and let them know you believe they can do it- only if you feel they’re capable. If you find they may need help, add someone with the right strengths and share why they could be helpful.

3. Listen, listen, listen. Don’t only ask how things are going when you make time. Keep the door open for when questions and ideas pop up. Embrace the opportunity to demonstrate to your team personalities of a great leader. Be available and develop your teams.

If you feel you could use some coaching help, always feel free to reach out to us.

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Have you ever caught up with a family member or friend you haven’t seen in months or years? Have they ever said, “you’ve lost alot of weight” or maybe when you were younger, “I can’t believe how much taller you are!”

Those you see everyday likely didn’t even notice. Now imagine what they noticed is how you’ve grown personally or professionally and the same thing happens.

Those who haven’t seen you are impressed and those you see everyday know you to be a go-getter and goal setter. How awesome would that feel?

It’s as simple as this – Be that person!

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