Viral DNA

This morning, I am thinking about how I wish we could manipulate DNA like a virus does.  If you think about how we’re all getting wound up over expectations due to COVID, elections, what matters, etc.., take a moment and ask yourself, would you be handling things the same way or reacting the same way if only one of these events occurred right now? Is the whole COVID thing making us crazy?

I don’t think our DNA has been affected, but I do think our minds are on hyperdrive. As I sit here looking over the water and drinking a cup of coffee on my last day of vacation, I find I don’t want to go back to reality. I like my quiet life here. Somehow and someway, my reality has become something I want to avoid. I wonder if this is how the mind of a teen works while playing video games on line. Doing all they can to survive and not lose.

Lets face it, none of us signed up for that.

Is it just me or do you feel the need to take control of your life again? I find the norms I’ve worked hard for seem to be less stable and more erratic. I think more about a world filled with anger and anxiety, and want the one with positive energy and excitement back.

That does not mean that lives don’t matter and that injustices need to be righted. I just see that due to all of these things happening now, during COVID, our very being – our DNA – is being changed.

I hope we can all see this and do what we need to stop that change from happening. It’s time to stop the violence and work together to stay healthy, make things right, and be who we were meant to be.

What does your world look like? Are there calm waters or raging seas? Is there a gentle breeze before and after the storms? This is not about finding the the light in the darkness, this is about being the light. Don’t let the cruelty of the world today change your DNA.

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I'm a Motivational Speaker, mentor, blogger, and Registered Nurse. I work with team and clients to help them attain their personal, professional, and organizational goals

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