Where it all began

I am sitting here and thinking about how we all start out. Not from the gene pool necessarily, but what makes each of us stand out. Some of us are really funny, and some couldn’t tell a joke for their life. I still chuckle when they try though.

Each of us has that something special. Have you ever wondered where did it come from? Was it the family genetics or was it due to how you were brought up? Was it where you grew up – the city or on a lake? Take some time to consider these for a moment.

If you’re like me, there are tons of memories that flow in and out, and as I think about so many of them I find I took so much for granted when I was younger. Maybe, just maybe that’s a life lesson we can share with each other and our children. Don’t take anything for granted as you just never know how much it really does impact who we become. Even now as we’re in quarantine, learn about each other.

Who ever wants to raise a child in a violent environment? No one. How many grew up in a small town, wanting to get to the big city, only to find they missed the feel of a small town? How many lost a parent when they were young and wished that they could share so much more now as they’re older. I, for one, would love nothing more than to see my parents and share how much they meant to me.

So as you finish reading this today, consider two things. First, what is it that makes you – well….you? Secondly, what do you want your kids, friends, family to know about you? Take some time to make experiences into memories. Take some time to find out more about how special you are. You really are. Let you family and friends in to a a more personal you. Guess the best way to say it is, Just Be You!

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I'm a Motivational Speaker, mentor, blogger, and Registered Nurse. I work with team and clients to help them attain their personal, professional, and organizational goals

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