Bright futures

Motivated? Are you?

I’m sitting on my front porch and thinking, the sun is out, the temps are warm, I can see the water calling to me. Why in the world would I want to work right now? Right?

What keeps us so motivated with work that we can walk away from a beautiful day? No, it’s not a paycheck. Anyone who job shops can tell you that. I think what it comes down is whether you feel needed and a part of something bigger than yourself. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone seemed equally as important. Doesn’t matter if you’re at the cash register or the CFO.

What if everyone knew each other? What happens when times are hard or you are having a bad day? Is there someone at work that can help? Wants to help?

I love helping people and organizations understand that if you create a team that will weather the storm as well as celebrate achieving success, you’ve created a legacy. That work family will never leave, but even more so, they are motivated to be a part of the team. They’ll take cuts in pay, work long hours, and do it because when they see days like today, they know there is something bigger and better.

The same is true of family. We have four kids. All four have talked at one time or another about leaving the area we live in or state. The one who joined the service is moving back next year. Together we are so much more, and there isn’t much that motivates me more than to see my kids and grandkids happy, successful, and independent.

We all have the opportunity to find something that motivates us – and should!

So today, take some time to consider how you would answer two questions for me. First,when you’re ready to retire, are you leaving a job you will miss? Secondly, if I asked you once you retired what you used to do, are you going to tell me just about work or what motivated you everyday? As for me, you’re going to hear a lot of stories about folks I’ve interacted with,my kids, my neighbors, and my BFF (she’s also my wife). Never stop chasing for that somethings special that keeps you engaged and motivated. Hope we can talk sometime and you can share.

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Bright futures

Viral DNA

This morning, I am thinking about how I wish we could manipulate DNA like a virus does.  If you think about how we’re all getting wound up over expectations due to COVID, elections, what matters, etc.., take a moment and ask yourself, would you be handling things the same way or reacting the same way if only one of these events occurred right now? Is the whole COVID thing making us crazy?

I don’t think our DNA has been affected, but I do think our minds are on hyperdrive. As I sit here looking over the water and drinking a cup of coffee on my last day of vacation, I find I don’t want to go back to reality. I like my quiet life here. Somehow and someway, my reality has become something I want to avoid. I wonder if this is how the mind of a teen works while playing video games on line. Doing all they can to survive and not lose.

Lets face it, none of us signed up for that.

Is it just me or do you feel the need to take control of your life again? I find the norms I’ve worked hard for seem to be less stable and more erratic. I think more about a world filled with anger and anxiety, and want the one with positive energy and excitement back.

That does not mean that lives don’t matter and that injustices need to be righted. I just see that due to all of these things happening now, during COVID, our very being – our DNA – is being changed.

I hope we can all see this and do what we need to stop that change from happening. It’s time to stop the violence and work together to stay healthy, make things right, and be who we were meant to be.

What does your world look like? Are there calm waters or raging seas? Is there a gentle breeze before and after the storms? This is not about finding the the light in the darkness, this is about being the light. Don’t let the cruelty of the world today change your DNA.

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Bright futures


I’m sitting on a balcony overlooking a bay. The sun is out, the water is blue. You can shut your eyes and still picture being at a beach. The seagulls sing. All of this is a part of creation.

As I think about it though, so is Covid, the flu, etc. I can choose to think about the negative aspects of these viruses, or I can choose to focus my attention somewhere else. The negative aspects of Covid are in our faces everyday thanks to social media and the news outlets. It takes work to find things that are positive.

As I sat outside watching the water and thinking about creation, Shannon (the BFF of my story) told me about how she was considering making bags she could donate to the shelter for battered women. In each bag she would put a note. Imagine opening a bag and you see a note that says “You’re a Bad Ass!! You’ve got this!!”. In this case, it’s creation made by Shannon.

It occurs to me that creation and creativity is something that we all most likely have time to play with nowadays. Self quarantine kind of forces us to find something to do. So instead of gorging out on another bag of chips or telling the kids to play another video game, go outside the norm. What if they sold lemonade and gave the money to someone in need? What if you found a way that you could make a difference? I recently read about a man who decided he was going to make 1 million people happy ‘ if only for a moment. Now that would be pretty cool.

Creation can be seen as a gift from God. Im looking at it, and it can be something that you do for others. Take some time today to do something that will dim the negativity we’re all looking at. Time to turn the power on!

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Bright futures

Where it all began

I am sitting here and thinking about how we all start out. Not from the gene pool necessarily, but what makes each of us stand out. Some of us are really funny, and some couldn’t tell a joke for their life. I still chuckle when they try though.

Each of us has that something special. Have you ever wondered where did it come from? Was it the family genetics or was it due to how you were brought up? Was it where you grew up – the city or on a lake? Take some time to consider these for a moment.

If you’re like me, there are tons of memories that flow in and out, and as I think about so many of them I find I took so much for granted when I was younger. Maybe, just maybe that’s a life lesson we can share with each other and our children. Don’t take anything for granted as you just never know how much it really does impact who we become. Even now as we’re in quarantine, learn about each other.

Who ever wants to raise a child in a violent environment? No one. How many grew up in a small town, wanting to get to the big city, only to find they missed the feel of a small town? How many lost a parent when they were young and wished that they could share so much more now as they’re older. I, for one, would love nothing more than to see my parents and share how much they meant to me.

So as you finish reading this today, consider two things. First, what is it that makes you – well….you? Secondly, what do you want your kids, friends, family to know about you? Take some time to make experiences into memories. Take some time to find out more about how special you are. You really are. Let you family and friends in to a a more personal you. Guess the best way to say it is, Just Be You!

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Bright futures

Could One Voice Improve D—— (COVID)

I was sitting and talking to my wife, also known as the BFF, and she mentioned something she wished she could change. Not sure why, but my mind immediately said, “Could One Voice Improve Displeasure?” Then I thought about it and shared with her my thought, and that the first letter in each of those words spelled Covid. Then as I was writing this a neighbor came by to share that another one of our locals had passed away yesterday. New definition, “Could One Voice Improve Disappointment?” I said to Shannon, he’s in a place now where he won’t have to worry about his heart or anything else ever again.

COVID has been around only a short time, but I’m finding that it is forcing us to redefine everything from politics to Back to School activities. Working in Healthcare for as long as I have though, I also know this about Covid and viruses in general, we can usually find a vaccination to improve symptoms and prevent it.

Well here is a free vaccination for all of you (or should I say a kick in the backside), and I hope you’ll share it with your friends and family. Make a goal and determine what this disease won’t do to you, and what it won’t do to those you care about.

Could One Voice Improve my Demeanor? Make someone laugh or smile – see what happens

Could One Voice Improve my Disease? Offer to pray with someone, take them a meal – see how thankful they become

Could One Voice Improve my Disappointment? Cound One Voice Improve my Depression? Could One Voice Improve my Dis????????

Are we going to let a virus define us or will we – can we – offer a voice that will define how we make things better? I for one have made my decision. I hope you’ll do the same.

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