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Covid 19 Conspiracy theories – Seriously

My conspiracy theory…

In a laboratory in Wuhan, a cat is left to play by himself overnight and wanders aimlessly through the various labs.  As it walks through one lab, it sees a vial that is sitting up on it’s base, seemingly calling to him…’Come play with me.’  The cat, feeling curious and mischievous as most cats are, jumps up and sniffs the test tube.  The tube simply sits there and as the cat pats at it, it shakes back and forth on its base.  The cat finds this fun and continues to pat at it, wiggling the base closer and closer to the edge of the table.  Finally, with one last paw to glass touch, the vial falls and scares the cat.  The animal jumps down and looks at what it has done, and then wanders away to see what else it can find in his wanderings.

The next day, the laboratory workers come in and see the broken tube, and immediately take the steps to close up the lab and notify the supervisors of what has occurred.  As little is known of this new virus that was being worked on, all steps are taken to assure that it is contained.  The negative pressure within the lab is kicked on, and the clean up crew don their HazMat suits.

As time goes on, about two weeks if my timeline is correct, life in the lab returns to normal except for a cat that seems to have cute sneezes that the staff find amusing.  As the laboratory closes for the night, the cat again goes for it’s walk to find something new to play with.  Tonight is an exciting one.  A new cage has arrived in one of the labs.  It is filled with live bats.  The chirping and constant movement has the cat moved to a new level of excitement.  It stalks the cage, and as it does, the bats become increasingly erratic.  The cat inches ever closer to the creatures cage, and with incredible preciseness, is able to grab one of the bats and bites it.  The bat however fights back and gets away.  The cat continues to play through the night, however has little luck catching its prey again.  The night passes, and the cat finds a new napping place.

The next day the workers return, and those who are to work with the bats enter the holding area.  They carefully move the bats to individual cages and while doing so, find the injured bat.  Knowing that the bat is not likely going to survive, it is set to the side.  One of the workers decides that this would make a wonderful dinner for himself and will sneak it out after his shift.

The bat is taken home and sits in the man’s refrigerator for 4 days before being eaten.  As the worker continues to work, he one day reports to his provider feeling like he is getting sick, and is not sure what is going on.  The doctor tells him it is likely a virus, and should return home and rest.  On his way home, he decides that a good bowl of fish soup always makes him feel better, and wanders to the overcrowded fish market in Wuhan, and picks up some fresh fish.   The rest my friends is what we call – history.

Now let me be clear, if you want to buy into this conspiracy theory, I also have a great piece of property with a large bridge for sale in the San Francisco area.

Conspiracies have been around forever – yes forever.  Pre biblical times, and do you know why they are used?  To create unrest and divide societies.  They’re so successful that they are still used today.  Do you know that some of the most highly successful conspiracy theories have led to such things as having entire populations euthanized, and one of the most recent almost caused a nuclear war.  Why do people want to hook onto these?  Because we live in eras when things like this pandemic should never be able to happen in their minds.  What’s more, the fact that the Alpha Dog (humans) are forced to realize the real alpha could be something so small that you can only see it in an electron microscope.  No one wants to feel that way, or forced to realized that it’s control has limitations.  Ask any creature that is now extinct, it would tell you the same.

The other fact about conspiracies that scare most people is the level of unrest and division it can cause.  We live in a country where free speech is a part of our foundation, however it should not lead people to the ideals of civil unrest and violence.  We should be able to share our feelings on things, and although disagree with how someone else feels, be able to go out and not worry about a group forming to try and establish it as a power to be reckoned with.  That is not what this country, what our troops have fought for, what we as Americans are about.

So take the conspiracies that you read, listen to ideals that are being shared, but realize this – we are nothing unless united as one nation.  We can beat this virus, but need to do it in a civil way and come through it stronger.  There is a new saying I love, “The vibe will attract the tribe”, and I believe that is where we all need to be coming from at this time.

Stay strong, stay united, and enjoy the stories – or as I like to call them, the conspiracy theories.

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