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Is there a job below you?

As I started my day today, a member of my staff called and said her computer monitors stopped working. I jokingly said they have more in common with you now, and got the sarcastic laugh. I suggested she call our IT crew. Which she did, however they were not able to help her.

She works at an outside office, and they did not have anyone that could go to her site. When I heard that I wandered over and saw that they were working with a skeleton crew as everyone else was out to other offices. More on next steps, but first let me share my philosophy of Hiarchy…”No one is above any job.” It’s that simple.

I know the guy who cleans our bathrooms and offices. I say “Hi” to him everyday, and recognize him as being just as valuable as anyone else on our team. I’ve been known to help pick up and clean up, and it’s because I respect him as a teammate and fellow human.

Regardless of your “place” on a hierarchy chart, when you leave work you become just like all the rest of us. We all need to be respectful of each other, and don’t expect it unless you show it.

I was taught to have a servant’s heart, and because of that, I played IT guy today. I went out and put new cords on monitors, crawled under the desk to plug them in, and did it with a smile. At the end of the day, everyone was happy.

As we start next week, and get closer to Thanksgiving, I hope you’ll take this to heart. Show respect, get respect. Show you care, they will care. Be humble.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!