Bright futures

Being real

If you can be honest with yourself, and share freely who you truly are, then you never need to worry if those around you like you or not. They’d leave if they didn’t.

Far to often we start out on journeys trying to be someone we’re not (keeping up with the Jones’ type) or keep trying to find someone else we think we want to be.

If you’re still wrestling with that, do these three things:

1. Write down what you don’t like to do.

2. Write down where you want to be in 5 years.

3. Write down three people you can be honest with about how you feel today.

After you have, you’ll know where not to go – again, you’ll have goals to work towards to identify who you are, and you’ll know three people that will not only help you get there but will be with you when you do find yourself.

Enjoy the journey!