Make it a habit

Have you ever thought of something you do that drives you crazy? Can’t resist a donut, procrastinate?

It’s because deep in your mind there is a cue that triggers that action. It typically is because it brought pleasure, rest, something your mind and body enjoyed.

When you react to those cues often enough, you’ll need to retrain your brain. If you don’t, you will always need to fight the urge.

Our minds want to release endorphins, serotonin, and lots of other hormones – when triggered. If you can retrain your mind, the old cues will go away but the release of the hormones can continue.

Here’s an example. A man loves to sit on his couch when he gets home. He has good intentions of getting on the treadmill later, but it never happens. Then one day, he sets a goal. He will run 20 minutes on the treadmill everyday after work, and if he does he won’t have to on his days off. He eventually replaces the old cue for a new one – he can rest all day two days a week after he runs every day after work.

He eventually is more fit, has great control of his stress, and the positives go on and on and on.

What habit can you replace today? How are you going to reward yourself?

Get motivated and make some great new habits.