Why are you so stressed?

The doctor handed him a prescription for blood pressure and anxiety medication. He looked at the physician, and asked him how it will help.

The doctor began to explain how the medicine works, and the man interrupted. “I understand why you want me to take the medicine, but my problem is I can’t find a job that will pay the Bill’s. My wife and kids are not only waiting for me in the car, but we live in it too.”

The physician paused and realized that what he needed to provide was not simply pieces of paper.

Do you ever offer advice without knowing what is really needed? Has it ever happened to you?

Stop – Ask – Listen – then offer support. You’ll make a real difference.


Riddle me this

Why are you able to work with others? Might be project at work, maybe finishing a roof with friends, or even playing football with family on Thanksgiving.

Have you ever considered why you can work with people? Is it just a norm that we’re born with? Uh, not exactly.

What we do have is a need to belong, to be inspired, to feel positive.

That’s why we also choose who we hang out with, want to work with. That happened because of what you learned at a very early age. You always wanted to feel that way, and has it really changed.

So riddle me this Batman, why do we not consistently strive for that same every day? By the way, when you said “I do”, my bet is that you really don’t.

The culture today is that we are influenced by negative news, advertisements, and peer pressure. We are influenced because we are not as choosy about what we watch or listen too as we are about the people we spend time with. We should all be “informed” on topics we care about, but the information. The information should feel good because then we know the truth – something else that answers the riddle.

Take time today to not only hang out with those that help release endorphins, but with input that also motivates. They’re all choices you have.


Habitual or reactionary

So many successful men and women have said that if you react to the spoken word, you have really no control. Think about it…

When someone says something we don’t like, are you the type that becomes irritated, upset, reactionary? How easy is it for you to simply listen and make no facial expression or verbal statement?

Let me change the thought process for just a moment. What is compulsatory eating? It’s a habit that when you’re stressed, you eat, right? Why do people bite their nails? It’s not because they taste good. These are what we call Bad Habits, and I’m sure you can think of others.

Now if you don’t do something to change those bad habits you could end up overweight and on blood pressure medication before you know it. You could be labeled a Nervous Nellie for the amount of time your putting your fingers to your mouth. We typically want to change that habit, right?

Ok, back to the reactionary issues. Most of you probably see where I’m going with this already.

Maybe it’s time to change the settings on Reaction Time too. Do you really have that much time to waste on being upset? Learn to just let it go.