We need to do something about retention

Definition of Retention is ”
the continued possession, use, or control of something.”

Definition of Leberation is “set (someone) free… in which their liberty when severely restricted.”

Give your employees the freedom to shine, bring in new ideas, and grow the company. We need more Liberation plans than Retention.


You have a switch! Use it!!

Have you ever noticed that you focus your energies in many, many directions on a given day. You brighten the day of children, family, friends, co-workers. We all do it, and we do it because we care.

When you need a bright light to get you out of the darkness, then you want it reciprocated. Makes sense. What if you try something else though. Try and brighten your own day – everyday!

Do you do something for yourself to reboost, to re-energize? You can only brighten other’s days for so long before the batteries start to die.

Do something nice for yourself, just because you deserve it. Don’t waste that battery power – others like how you brighten their days.

Learn to scuba dive and see the coral reefs or sharks

Take a class on something the interests you

Go play football with friends

Pour a glass, turn on the music, and read Motivation Can blogs.