We frequently hear about distracted driving, but what about Distracted Directions? It happens when your working towards a goal but someone or something forces you to either focus on something else or reconsider what you’re doing.

It happens all of the time, and takes discipline to stay focused and driven to be successful. When it happens, STOP, and consider if this is just a distraction. Good advise is to treat it in the same way you would trying to text and drive – Don’t!

Stay focused and keep on driving to achieve that goal.


Freedom to…

You have the right and freedom to show off what lies within you. Can you do that? When you meet others do they see the real you? Are you comfortable just being you? Can you be confident just being who you are?

Being someone – you’re not – robs others of the special person you really are. Just like there is only one sun, there is only one you.