The Teacher gave the student a map and a lunch. He pointed into the wooded area and told him to follow the map. He explained that he would meet him at the end.

After hours had passed, the teacher saw the student come down the end of the trail. He asked him to share what he saw.

The student shared that when he first started he thought to run, to get to his destination sooner. Then he saw the amazing life of the forest, and found himself stopping to take it in. He shared that he ran into tracks that appeared to be of a mountain lion, and chose to take a fork in the path to avoid the cat. Later he found a baby bear cub, but when he got closer the mother bear came out of the den. He gave the bear his lunch, and as they ate, he walked away. When he saw that he was near the end, he considered stopping, but knew that there would be additional challenges ahead of him as he had much to learn.

The teacher smiled, and asked if he could see how his walk is similar to life. The student thought, and said…

We must enjoy what life brings us as we work towards our goals, avoid people and things that could prevent us from achieving them, and when confronted with aspects that slow us down, we can make sacrifices to reach where we want to get too.

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I'm a Motivational Speaker, mentor, blogger, and Registered Nurse. I work with team and clients to help them attain their personal, professional, and organizational goals

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