Motivated by the heart

When I was a young man, I remember driving by my dad’s store late one night. I saw a car in the parking lot, which was odd for the small town, especially that late at night. Being young and thinking I was invincible, I decided I would just pull in and make sure everything was alright.

When I checked out the car, it was empty. So of course I decided to check the store. I noticed that a panel had been popped out so that someone could climb into the area and allow them into the store through the ceiling. Again, thinking all I would have to do is use my power ring to fight off any bad guy, best if I investigate.

No fear. No care in the world except to make sure that my family’s property was safe. Motivated to protect. I could have driven to the sheriff’s office about a mile down the road – this was pre cell phone, so calling was not an option. I could have just waited to see if anyone came out. I didn’t though, because in all of us is a strong desire to assure that all will be right in the world.

Imagine that as you work towards a goal, and something delays your progress, the motivation to succeed would be equal to that of protecting a a family member or staying with a neighbor in distress until help could come. Why is it that the motivation to help another is stronger than to help oneself? Because of heart. Because the hormones go into high gear when we feel the need to help, protect, care for others.

What if you could package that same drive, and use it on yourself when you become discouraged and less motivated? Here are some ideas to help manifest that same energy when you do need encouragement:

1. Keep books that motivate you in your home and office.

2. Have family and friends that you know are there to support you, ready to take that call when needed.

3. Take time for yourself to re-think about the situation, doing everything you can to find the positives in it, and getting rid of the negatives.

Just as you are driven to be there for others when in need, surround yourself with like minded friends. I have a great group of friends I can do that with, and a BFF that is available 24/7.

As for the store, I also believe that my next move was the smartest. I rattled the door which set of an alarm, and then waited for the Calvary to arrive. I may have been afraid – a little – but if it means doing the right thing, I will do it everytime. Motivation is a drive, and sometimes you may be afraid of what is necessary to achieve the goal, but how bad do you want it?

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I'm a Motivational Speaker, mentor, blogger, and Registered Nurse. I work with team and clients to help them attain their personal, professional, and organizational goals

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