Motivated?  Are you really?

I get up every morning around 4:30.  Why?  In a word, “Pugs”.  However what I have found is that in the peace of the morning I can really find my focus.

Think about your day for just a minute.  How does it start?  Are you getting kids up and getting them going for the day?  Are you cleaning up the kitchen and making coffee?  Are you rolling around in bed until you absolutely have to get up?  I’ve been in all three of those scenarios.

During your day, what are you trying to accomplish?  Are you working on a promotion?  A big deal?  Making enough money to pay the bills?  Trying to stay positive in a crazy world?  A, B, C, D or all of the above?

Last question, when do you take time for you?  It’s an honest question.  The answer should also not be never or when I can find five minutes.  There is nothing wrong if you take 15 or 30 minutes for yourself a day.  You need to take care of yourself to be at your best and care for others, let alone your goals and work. Others need to respect that too. If it weren’t for you there wouldn’t be the kids, the colleague wouldn’t have the sister from another mister, the boss wouldn’t have you to bounce ideas off before making himself look stupid.

I recently sat with a gal over coffee and talking about what she wanted to do next. She had been a successful executive in a large Healthcare system and chose to walk away from it. Ultimately it came down to realizing that the job didn’t care about what was most important to her. She realized all she had time for was work and her family. She began to get tired and less motivated to get the work done. The amazing statue of success she had turned back into a lump of clay.

After speaking with her, she couldn’t even find 30 minutes on the weekends for herself. She was beyond burned out, and you hear that when they are trying to find out what they want to do for the rest of their working life. She was only in her 50’s. As we talked and I asked what she did before she moved up the ladder, she shared her work experience. As I asked more about what she did for herself, she began to laugh. As I drilled down even more, you could see the light start to shine through. We found her again. She had lost her way in trying to climb the corporate ladder as fast as she had.

Our motivation gang should never be solely work related. It should also never be focused entirely on someone else, like helping your kids get an athletic scholarship. These are goals, and you can be motivated to get these done but only those that will help you stay creative, active, happy and you – that is our primary motivation.

So today, take that little bit of time and think about what you want to do for yourself today and everyday. You may find you have more energy to help others because of it.

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